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Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 21st July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 21st July 2023

Sultana 21st July 2023. This episode is very interesting. This page contains Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 21st July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates. I’m sure you have been following. Continue reading to enjoy this amazing episode.

Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 21st July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates

Part 1

Fatima defended herself: “This is alcohol; I know there are mistakes. I think I drank a lot of dirty water, and I didn’t like it. The drunkards said if it was Fatima who cooked this alcohol, then we are not worried; if she is not beautiful, then we will drink whatever she brings.

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At JJ nakwo, Asiya called Sada and told her to come and listen to this young man who wanted to see Sultana. Sada told him that according to the law, you cannot see the bride now until you finish the wedding first, and if there is anything, tell us then. JJ wanted to say something, but anashy, he wanted to tell Sultana specifically, so he thought it was good to go.

Outside, the tents started to be placed one by one. Dida is very busy outside giving directons for suitable tents to be placed where people will stay.

Sada called the detectives and asked if Major had found him, but the detectives told him that they had not found him and asked him if he was not sure. Sada said to him, “Didn’t I call you too early, and you decided to sleep? The detective told him that we would try to catch him, but Sada told him to listen: “If you fail to catch him now that you have one job, make sure that Major is famous for the wedding today, so he doesn’t ruin my wedding, okay?” The detective told him it was fine.

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Fatima is the friend and client of this mother. Even today, Fatima is doing everything, and don’t forget, Fatima is here to find enough money to give herself.

Sultana 21st July full episode

Maria called Dida and asked, “Where are the things?” Dida told her not to worry; it’s part of my plan; the chairs will grow, and they are being brought. Sada went out and stood with the Marias there, but she was not okay until Dida asked her aunt, “What’s the matter?” Sada told him, “No, I’m fine, and I see your good work going on.” Sadakwa is worried about your information that Major might come here.

Ua came to talk to JJ and told him it’s not good to leave here, or? JJ told him I would leave in the evening. Ua told him, “I know if you go alone, you will stay. How about you call Kokan and stay with him?” JJ heard the name Kokan and asked Ua, “Do you really want me to marry your son?

Why did you mention Kokan on my wedding day?” Ua told him to come on and stop being jealous. Kokan himself said he has no feelings for Sultana; what’s wrong with him coming? JJ told him to shut up: Oh my god, Kokan is my enemy, and there will be no day I will be with Kokan and listen to your information;

If you decide to bring Kokan to attend this wedding, then stay if you know there will be a wedding, yes, but there will be no groom, alas for Kokan to arrive here, wueh! His name is JJ; he doesn’t want anything to do with Kokan, and it is normal for the groom to go and come; now they shouldn’t start together.

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???????????????? ????

JJ came to Kaka’s room and told him, “Bro, today I want us to leave in the evening and go with you, and then we will return tomorrow to the hotel we are going to; it is close, and we will return tomorrow, or should we go and check it now?” Kaka didn’t refuse and told him, “It’s okay, let’s go and check,” and when JJ entered, Kaka was watching Dida outside.

When JJ and Kaka were leaving, Maria and Dida saw them and were very surprised, until Maria asked Dida, I don’t think these two are enemies; why do they stay friends? Dida was also very surprised and told her, “I thought so, but I think they were friends, but it was so small, just when JJ and Kaka were there at the gate and wanted to leave, who died?”

Milah, mistakes. My brother was the first to see Milah; he asked JJ, “Why didn’t you tell me Milah was coming here?” JJ was also shocked to see Miklah. Even this is not a problem; the problem is that Dida also saw Milah. Now that there is English here, JJ wondered who told Milah to come here, but they didn’t even have a chance.

Milah asked Kaka, “Why did you come back and you didn’t even tell me? Milah, let him look in front of him and see Dida. Hey girl, you told me that Kaka is not here, then he is here; what is your problem? JJ saw that there were a lot of people here, and he came to see and hear Dida lying.

Sultana 21st July written update

Dida said to Milah, “Why don’t you ask Kaka yourself?” But Milah said to Dida “Listen, what raised me here was mine, and Mrs. Salama and even Grandpa told me there is Salama here; let me look for her myself. Milah went inside to find Salama to talk one or two times. See Kaka smiling at Dida with those eyes? You rejected me, and now Milah has come.

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Hey, let’s go back to Fatima for alcohol. People don’t drink alcohol, and it’s time to go home, but now he was drunk for the first time when he went out, only to get this, eh, the alcohol, and yesterday I told them about this alcohol. Fatima put something in that had a lika; it turned the alcohol into poison.

Drunk Kamlevi first just stood outside like this, down, then the words. People crowded there, running and wondering what was going on, but even before they could get answers, he got drunk a second time, and he went out as well, only to get outside, downstairs. No more words. I mean, this one should leave the direct line, but it’s dead.

Milah also came to see Salama, and she is very angry, but Ua tells her not to calm down because today is the wedding day. Milah told her that I can’t celebrate when this double is here; this woman buried my mother like a corpse, and I don’t know how many families have been broken because of this woman who calls herself Salama.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading Sultana Citizen Tv Full Episode 21st July 2023 Part 1 & 2 Written Updates. Next, Sultana 24th July 2023.

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