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Sultana Citizen Tv WEDNESDAY 26th July 2023 Written Updates Full Episode

Sultana Citizen Tv WEDNESDAY 26th July 2023

Today’s update is for Sultana Citizen Tv WEDNESDAY 26th July 2023 Written Updates Full Episode. This is getting more interesting! Learn what happened in today’s part 1 and part 2.

Sultana Citizen Tv WEDNESDAY 26th July 2023 Written Updates Full Episode

Part 1

Dida looks at her mother, and Fatima tells Dida that what she is going through is just punishment; the world is scolding her. Dida is just there; I don’t know what to do. She knew her mother was planning something for JJ’s wedding. Now, Mwanzele Fatima has begun to regret her mistakes—what she did to Sultana in the past, which she regrets now. Dida told him not to talk as if there was no life after death.

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Let’s get to Sada’s house. JJ and Kaka are outside, and Maria is also there, but JJ asked Kaka, “Just tell me, bro, is it Dida or Milah?” The brother asked him, “What do you mean?” JJ told her that I have seen you a lot, and you are looking at my sister, so I want to know, are you at Dida or Milah?

Brother said to him, “Thank you for making the right decisions to show that you still love Sultana, but remember that there is hostility between us over Dida.” JJ said to Kaka, “Listen, bro, stop taking me away; you are at Dida or Milah my sister.

Let’s come now to find Mwanzele. 27 years ago, Mwanzele was called by a mother with a child, and the times grew late at night. And she greeted the child and told him, “This is your child, and I have gone.” Even Mwanzele was not given a chance to explain himself; Kaka’s mother went away, and so Mwanzele was left by Kaka. That was 27 years ago, but the question is, why does Mwanzele remember this?

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Sultana WEDNESDAY 26th July full episode

He remembers because, right here, where Fatima is lying, who is also lying? The mother with Fatima used to work for him, but she also had Pauloh’s print urinating in the shelter, and when Mwanzele saw her, she remembered him, and let me just tell you the truth now: this is Kaka’s mother.

Mwanzele was also shocked; he came and asked him, “All these years you just grew up here, didn’t you, and then you brought me a child that is not my blood, right?” Mama asked him, “Why isn’t it your blood?” However, Dida heard Mwanzele talking to this mother, and when she heard everything, she asked her, “What do you mean?” Do you want to tell me that this is Kaka’s mother?

On Sada’s side, the meetings are still nightly. Ua came and told Sada not to worry because she was sure that Major would not come to ruin her son’s wedding, and she wishes that Fatima was imprisoned, even if she would become Major then. Sada told him not to bother with Major’s activities and stories. Sada talked to him and even told him that when he lost his marriage, this was the opportunity for him to start again.

Asiya also came to look for Maria outside and asked her if she couldn’t spare time to talk, as I have a lot of words to exchange between you and me. Maria told him that at the moment I have a lot of work to do; maybe we should talk about those stories later.

Sultana Wednesday continuation

Asiya told him it’s fine; I understand; I will wait, but in truth, my heart is very heavy when I don’t see you, and when we finish the wedding activities, get ready to go to Nairobi, okay? Maria kept silent until she asked herself, “What is he doing now?” He has no work to do.

Milah got a chance to talk to Sultana and even told Sultana that even if you don’t have make – up, you are very beautiful, and I hope my uncle will be very happy to see you tomorrow. Milah was not carrying clothes, but Sultana told her not to doubt that I have my clothes here, and I will give them to you. Milah should also be anointed with paint. Asiya also came and told Sultana that her marriage with JJ should be happy and that she should help this family.

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Part 2

Maria has woken up to work. As much as Dida came back, she was not okay, so Maria woke up to continue work and is about to finish. Sada wonders where the people are still sleeping or how it is going. Until the guests start entering one by one.

For Buya, yes, they wake up and wonder who they are with Zara. They celebrated the arrest of Fatima until they forgot today was the wedding day. Buya is happy with the work done at night; it is only God.

On Sada’s side, he came and found that almost everyone was in Sultana’s room, and Sultana was already dressed in wedding clothes. Now she is telling people that when the guests start coming in, they should come out to welcome them.

Dida called her father and asked her, “When are you going to see Mom?”Buya told him I wasn’t planning to go see him because seeing him wouldn’t change anything. Dida tried to tell her mom she was sorry, but Buya told her, “You don’t know your mother; I knew her before you were born; she is a very good actor.”

Mwanzele came and told Dida not to worry about her mother, even though she grew up hating her. She felt very hurt, but Dida asked Mwanzele, “If you are very sorry, why don’t you tell Kaka about her mother?” Mwanzele told her, “Please, it’s not a good time to tell Kaka and don’t tell him,” but Dida refused; she told him nothing Kaka wouldn’t be told. Mwanzele tried to say that he was also shocked to see him, but where?

On the other side, Zara and Buya talk, and only after Buya talks to Dida can she be assured that she is also coming to the wedding.

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Sultana WEDNESDAY 26th July written update

Zara came and asked Buya if Dida was okay. Buya told her yes; she is okay, but now she is asking a lot about me and you. Zara asked him, “What did you tell him?” Buya told him I failed to tell him because I didn’t know your position.

Buya and Zara are in love, but they don’t want to open up to one another to know who they are. Buya defended himself and told Zara, “I want to take time to heal so that I don’t become a problem for the next person that I want to propose to.” Zara asked him, “What do you mean?”Buya told him, “First, I will soon start walking, and, yes, I love you, Zara.”

Preparation activities are going on here for Sada; the wedding is coming up, and even JJ and Kaka are on the way. The singing band starts entering with their drums ready to entertain the wedding attendees, and everyone entering the gate is cheered.

People are bright, people are happy, and everything is in harmony. Alafu tudem twa Ticktoko are also here, but we are not here; who arrived? Grandfather Mwanzele saw Babu; he couldn’t believe it. He was very happy to see Babu and welcomed him inside very happily.

Buya also arrives with Zara, and everyone is very happy here. They expected Buya to be the last guest. When Buya was welcomed there, Asiya was also there, but check, Asiya from nowhere started to feel vomiting; she ran and went to the toilet to vomit. Halloooo, Asiya is pregnant.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed today’s update on Sultana Citizen Tv WEDNESDAY 26th July 2023 Written Updates Full Episode. Check back tomorrow for the next update. You can read previous updates here.

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