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How AE-FUNAI PUTME works | AE-FUNAI cut-off mark | AE FUNAI past questions

How AE-FUNAI PUTME works | AE-FUNAI cut-off mark | AE FUNAI past questions

To those aspiring to become a student of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndifu-Alike Ikwo (AE FUNAI). What you will see below is a guide on how AE-FUNAI PUTME works | AE-FUNAI cut-off mark | AE FUNAI past questions, and how AE FUNAI PUTME/Online screening works.

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What is FUNAI PUTME? When is the date for FUNAI PUTME? How can I buy form for FUNAI PUTME? What are the procedures for FUNAI PUTME?

Now let’s get to the main topic…

AE-FUNAI PUTME is the final stage required for you to be successfully admitted into the university. That is, if your score reaches the required cut off mark. It’s very easy to get admission into AE-FUNAI if you beat their cut-off mark.

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It is true that it’s not everyone that will be accepted to study in the university, but you still have a big chance of being admitted in the school.

How AE-FUNAI PUTME works|AE-FUNAI cut-off mark|AE FUNAI past questions

AE FUNAI PUTME do commence towards the ending of any second semester. The PUTME screening enable the school to know those who are qualified to become their student. AE FUNAI PUTME screening is a CBT based test.

You will have to physically come to the school to take the exam. All you need is to come with is only your JAMB result, and a print out which contains your details, and date of examination assigned to you.

Requirements for AE FUNAI PUTME

To be eligible for AE FUNAI PUTME, candidates must score 150 or above. Note: If you do not score below 150 or above, do not come to the PUTME, as you won’t be allowed to sit for the examination.


The date for AE FUNAI PUTME is fixed by the school management. Candidates will have to buy the PUTME form. After that, the school will announce the date for PUTME screening.

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AE FUNAI PUTME Registration for 2021/2022 will commence from Tuesday 21st September, 2021 to 25th October, 2021.

Screening exercise will commence from Tuesday 2nd November, 2021 to to Friday 5th November, 2021.

AE FUNAI PUTME screening and online screening

The school management has decide to do a physical CBT examination.

How to buy AE FUNAI PUTME form

The cost for AE FUNAI PUTME is usually N2,000, and can be purchased through the school portal.

To buy AE FUNAI PUTME form,

  • Visit
  • Go to ‘Admission’ at the Menu or quick links
  • Click on 2021/2022 UTME Admission Screening OR  2021/2022 Direct Entry Admission Screening
  • Click on “Prospective Students”
  • Click on “Click to Apply” under 2021/2022 Admission Screening Application
  • Enter your “JAMB Registration Number”
  • Select your payment mode (Generate Remita Retrieval Reference Number). 
  • Proceed to any bank for your payment with your Remita number.
  • Return to the Application page and enter your “JAMB Registration Number”
  • Proceed with the completion of the form
  • Submit your application.
  • Print out your acknowledgement slip and come with it for the Post-UTME/Direct Entry Test.
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AE FUNAI cut-off mark

Each University/Polytechnic has it’s own cut off mark. 150 is the general cut off mark for apirants who are aspiring to become a student in AE-FUNAI. For Medicine and Law aspirants, you must score not less than 250 and 240.

To increase the chance of you getting admission into AE-FUNAI, you must try to score above 150. The higher the score, the bigger the chance of you getting admission.

How can I get AE FUNAI PUTME past questions?

I am currently a student of Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndifu-Alike Ikwo (AE-FUNAI). There is no official AE-FUNAI PUTME past questions. You can only find helpful ones.

Which subjects can I read for the PUTME?

Since AE-FUNAI don’t have any official PUTME past questions, you have to read your four subjects that you registered in JAMB, and current affairs.

If you still have any question related to this, please let me know through the comment box below.

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  1. Without writing the FUNAI putme, will u be admit with jamb general cut off mark

    Question pls
    1 how can I get FUNAI putme form
    2 is FUNAI putme online or CBT test

  2. Does funai offer med lab science
    What’s the difference b/w biochemistry and medical biochemistry
    Is their post ume form out?
    If u scored 200 and above in ume and scored less than 180 in p-utme what’s the chance of getting admission?

    1. Yes. Biochemistry deals with living things while the other is the study of biochemistry of human.

      PUTME form is not out yet.

      The chance is high, and hopeful. The higher your score, the more chance of you gaining admission.

    1. FUNAI don’t have putme official past questions (printed out or released by the school management). You can only find helpful ones.

      Read your JAMB registered 4 subjects, and current affairs.

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