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How to get admission into AE-FUNAI

Here I will be dropping lots of helpful ways you need to know on how to get admission in AE-FUNAI. Getting admission into the university is not that easy, but you can make it easier if you wish to.

There are major steps to be taken in order to qualify to become a student of Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu Alike Ikwo.

Steps to get admission into AE-FUNAI


JAMB may set its cut off mark at 160, below or above. JAMB cut off mark may not determine you being successfully admitted because most schools especially when it comes to private, Federal or state universities may not accept JAMB cut off mark. So, you need to focus more on the school’s general or departmental cut off mark.

AE-FUNAI general cut off mark is 180. This means that before you can sit for their PUTME screening or online O’ level screening, you must have scored 180 or above.

Step 2: Change of institution

Some universities may allow either first, second or third choice, but AE-FUNAI does not accept second or third choice. You must make them your first choice if you really want to be admitted. Try and do the change of institution in time and confirm that it has been done successfully.

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This is one of the major factors that determine your chance of getting admission in the school. You may be asking some questions like ‘How AE-FUNAI PUTME does look like’ orquestions’.

AE-FUNAI PUTME is just like the normal questions you see in exams. All you have to do is to study hard, especially in the courses you offer.

Now the next one which is to know the kind of exam they might set. Kindly read the four subjects you offer and in addition, read current affair too. If you are good in the subjects you offer, and you also read and gain more knowledge on current affairs, you have a high chance to pass with flying colors.

Then on how to get AE-FUNAI past questions, AE-FUNAI PUTME screening is a computer based test. This makes it difficult to extract the questions and share after the exams.

So, there are currently no PUTME past questions in AE-FUNAI. Do not buy any past question in the name of AE-FUNAI PUTME past questions. There can only be helpful past questions to assist you with your study.

Step 4: Accepting admission.

When the time comes to check your admission status, kindly login to your JAMB CAPS and accept the admission offered to you by JAMB. Note: Some may delay before showing.

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So, if you are sure that you beat the school’s cut off mark, you can keep waiting until it shows. Remember, you have to follow every admission process quickly as much as you can.

Many aspirants have already gotten provisional admission, and hopefully the admission is still ongoing. A lot of aspirants are confused/ unaware of things to do during admission process. With this, they need to be guided to avoid been misled by those who are not updated.

In AE FUNAI admission process, there are major things aspirants must do.

  1. Upload/Re-uploading of credentials: A lot of aspirants have not been offered admission because they did not upload their credentials (WAEC/NECO) on JAMB portal. Those who have uploaded their credentials need to also check if the WAEC/NECO they uploaded is still there.
  2. Check admission status on AE FUNAI portal: Since there is no PUTME this year in Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo (AE FUNAI), WAEC/NECO results are being used to recommend for provisional admission into the school. To check admission status, visit Enter your JAMB registration number and proceed to check the admission.
  3. Checking admission status on JAMB CAPS: Aspirants who have been offered provisional admission into AE FUNAI on FUNAI PORTAL should log in to their profile on JAMB CAPS. They are to accept their admission on the portal to be able to print their admission letter.
  4. Payments: All aspirants who have been recommended provisional admission into the school are advised to commence with the school fees payments starting from acceptance fee. Visit to get 2020/2021 fees FUNAI fees.
  5. Documents: Any document you get from the school portal, JAMB portal on in the school is very important and must be kept safely. Every other document is important.
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List of documents you must protect as much as you can.

  • Identification letter of your Local Government Area
  • Birth certificate
  • Admission letter
  • Acceptance fee receipt
  • Clearance form
  • UTME result slip
  • Matriculation oath form
  • O’ level result
  • Acceptance form
  • Medical screening form
  • School fees receipt
  • Course registration form
  • Letter of undertaken
  • Student record form

Note: Some of the documents are collected in the school/ school portal and JAMB portal.

Finally, there is nothing like JAMB score upgrade. Do not allow scammers to scam you. Be wise. Many have complained of being scammed last year. You should try not to be a victim.  Subsequently, I will be posting more helpful news here. Do check back soon.

To get additional quick information about AE-FUNAI, kindly search for ‘Funai Latest Gist’ on Facebook, like the page and join the group.

I’m sure if you follow what this content says, and you did well in all steps, you will surely gain admission into Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo.

I hope to see you in the school.

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  1. The information reaching us recently from the school is that there is going to be an online screening. For now, everyone should be ready for either online screening or physical examination.

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