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IntechAds review and Beginner’s guide for Publishers

IntechAds review and Beginner's guide for Publishers

IntechAds is an online market advertising company founded in 2020. The company, serve both the Advertisers, and Publishers. Here, I will drop my personal review on IntechAds. Also, a step to step guide on how publishers can register, and monetize their site with the company’s advertising network.

IntechAds review and Beginner’s guide for Publishers

IntechAds is very similar to NG Adverts. If you have used, or checked both, you will notice that they are almost the same company. Keep reading, as I will still list the similarities between Ng Adverts and Intech Ads.

A lot of users have condemned NG Adverts, which makes few suspects that Intech Ads could be another Ng Adverts in disguise due to their dashboard, and ads similarities.

There are only huge similarities between them. There’s no proof that both companies are own by same individuals at the moment. Publishers can monetize with Intech Ads company through CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per mile).

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They don’t allow pop up, and pop under. This will give site users a good user experience on publisher’s blog.

A Facebook user, Oguji Nnamdi Kenneth, who claimed to be the first to have used the Ads on his blog, confirmed that he has been paid more than five (5) times.

Also, adding that, he made over N20,000 in three (3) weeks. He also, mentioned that he no longer makes use of Intech Ad due to an offer from a bigger company. There was no proof of payment.

IntechAds review and Beginner's guide for Publishers
A Facebook user’s review about Intechads

In general, a lot of new users have praised how good the advertising company have been. Intech Ads can only be monetized with other advertising company like Google AdSense, Adsterra, MGID e.t.c.

Similarities between Intech Ads and NG Advert

  • Both dashboard are the same format.
  • Their Ad layout, and format are the same.
  • There’s no difference in payment gateway.
  • They are both Nigerian based company.
  • Registration profile are the same too.

Note: There are no legit proof that Intech Ads is fake. It works well, and it’s users are currently happy with them. You can easily get approval, and start monetizing as a publisher.

To earn more with Intech Ads, you need a good traffic. You can get more traffic to your blog through forums, social media, and majorly search engine. Make sure you index your blog with Yandex, Google, Bing, e.t.c.

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How to register as a publisher on IntechAds company

To register as a publisher on Intech Advertising company,

  • Visit then, scroll to Publisher, and click ‘Join‘.
  • Enter your username, and password.
  • Select ‘Publisher‘ as account type then, tick the terms and condition box after reading them.
  • Proceed to your personal information, and fill the detail.
  • Finally, enter your site link, and company Logo, then submit.

After submitting, you can now log in to create, and set up ads.

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions concerning Intech Ads.

How does Intechads works?

It’s simple. You have to register, create ads, and place the ad code on your site. Note: You must have acres to the HTML area.

How much can I earn with Intech Ads?

As far as you receive decent traffic, you can earn as much as you can.

What is Intechads minimum requirements for approval?

There’s no stated requirement to be approved. All you need is a good site structure with good user experience, and a decent traffic.

Intechads ad types

  • Text only.
  • Banner only.
  • Text and image only.
  • Text/banner / Text and image.

Why are Intechads not showing?

To display Intechads on your site, use 320 x 100 banner. Other ad blocks may not show at the moment because advertisers haven’t bid on them yet. They will show with time.

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Who are the owners of Intechads?

Intechads is a company located at 8 Emmanuel Street, Odo Nla Road Odogunyan, Ikorodu Lagos. The advertising company is owned by a Nigerian.

How to verify your blogger site on Intechads

  • Log in to Intechads, and click on ‘Sites‘.
  • Click on ‘Add site‘ and enter your site category, name, keyword, description, and logo.
  • Then, click on ‘Submit‘.
  • Copy the HTML tag code, and place it at the head part of your site.

To do that on your blogger site, log in to your blogger account, and click on ‘Theme‘.

  • Next, click the arrow under ‘customize‘.
  • I’m addition to that, click on ‘EDIT HTML‘.
  • Locate the ‘head‘, and paste the code under it.
  • Also, click on the three dot at the top right, and save.
  • Finally, go back to Intechads website, and click on verify.

How to verify your WordPress site on Intechads

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard, and go to ‘Appearance‘.
  • Scroll down, and click on ‘Theme Editor’.
  • When it is open, select ‘header.php‘.
  • Next, locate the ‘head‘ section, and paste the code under it.
  • Then, go back to Intechads site, and click verify.

If the above doesn’t work for you, use the other option, or contact them through support ticket.

How can I contact Intechads support center?

You can email them @

How can I receive payment from Intechads?

Intechads payment gateway is through bank. Fill your bank details, and request for payment when you have reach the minimum withdrawal amount, which is N1,000 or more.

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