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Kuda Customer Care Number

Kuda customer care number

Get in touch with Kuda customer care to help you get answers to your questions, or rectify any issue. With Kuda customer care number, you can contact them and make an enquiry. Since the Kuda bank doesn’t have branches unlike others, you can contact them through a number, or visit their main branch.

If you have been searching for Kuda customer care number, you will be able to find the solution on this post as you continue reading. Apart from contacting their customer care number, you can also, send a mail to them.

Without further ado, let me reveal to you every detail concerning Kuda customer care number.

Kuda customer care number

Kuda bank is a bank in app, but the bank doesn’t leave its customers hanging. Everything about Kuda bank is on the app, which makes it easier to use and perform transactions.

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Kuda bank customer care number is 0700022555832. You can contact them to make your enquires by calling the number. Also, Kuda bank email is help@kuda.com. Email help.kuda.com to get in touch with Kuda customer care service.

Physical location


151 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.


91 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0EF

Before contact kuda customer care, take a look at these frequently asked questions, and check if the answer of what you’re looking for is there.

Frequently asked questions

Does kuda bank charge transaction fee?

Kuda bank offers 25 free transfers every month to customers who signed up with their Bank Verification Number (BVN). After the 25 free transfers, extra transfer in the same month will cost you N10 each.

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Does kuda bank have a branch?

Kuda bank does not have branches. They claim you do not need a branch. Kuda runs entirely on a phone with an internet connection. You can request for a debit card, and it will be delivered to your address in Nigeria.

Can I get a loan from Kuda bank?

It’s easy to get a loan from Kuda bank. The bank gives overdrafts. You will eligible to use overdraft when you use the app regularly.

What are the requirements to open a Kuda account?

To open a new account on Kuda bank, you must be 16 years old, and you must have an email address, and a phone number.

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Is there cash limit on Kuda bank?

If you sign up with primary details (name, phone number, BVN), your account will be limited to a balance of N300,000, a maximum transfer of N50,000, and a maximum deposit of N50,000.

To remove these limit, simply add a government-issued ID to your profile. It could be a national ID card, International passport, voter’s card, e.t.c.

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