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List of Universities in Enugu State

List of Universities in Enugu State

Are you searching for a private or federal university in Enugu state? Or how many universities are in Enugu? Well, everything will be listed, and explained below. Here, you will see the list of Universities in Enugu state. The names will include both private, state, and federal universities in Enugu.

Without further ado, let me let inform you that private universities are costly, followed by State universities, then federal. If you need a cheap university, then you have to go for the federal university. It is cheaper because of the support from government. Though, private universities offer more quality education.

List and names of Universities in Enugu

These names of Universities in Enugu are divided into three, which are Federal, state and private universities. The federal university is being managed by the federal government. State universities are being managed by the state government, while private universities are being managed by private individuals.

List and name of Federal universities in Enugu state.

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List and name of State universities in Enugu state

  • Enugu State University of science and technology

List names of private universities in Enugu state

  • Coal City University, Enugu state
  • Caritas University, Enugu
  • Godfrey Okoye University, Ugwuomu-Nike Enugu State
  • Renaissance University, Enugu


Indeed, the urge to attend a university is more unlike the polytechnic and college of education. It all depends. Before you choose the university that you want, make sure you know the location, the school fees, courses they offer, and cut off mark. This will help you to know how financially fit, or how eligible you are to enroll in the university as a fresher.

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In Enugu state private universities, they are costly unless you can afford them. The state university being managed by the state government is also more costly than the federal universities.

Hope you’re able to discover names of Universities in Enugu. Kindly share to your friends.

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