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Safe 2 daily backlink methods

Safe 2 daily backlink methods

Looking for ways to increase your domain authority? I’m still working on mine, but decided to share the idea openly. There are many methods to get backlinks to a site. Though, here you will get to know safe 2 daily backlink methods.

Backings helps to increase your domain authority, as well as trust. Making your site stronger and authentic. It is also, important for search engine optimization (SEO). Do follow backlinks works best.

Safe 2 methods to get backlinks

The 2 methods to improve your domain authority are through:

  • Guest posting
  • Blog/forum comment
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Guest posting

Since you want to place your site link in another blog, you need to search for blogs that accept guest post. Once you get the site details, contact the owner to discuss on the topic you would write on. If your article is approved, you will be allowed to insert your link in your content.

Blog/forum comment

Here, you have to visit blogs and drop relevant comments. In a site like Quora, you can answer questions, and add your link at the end. This will allow the reader to proceed and get information if the one you wrote on the site is not satisfactory.

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A forum like Nairaland, or Postorous allows users to post for free and each post is approved immediately. Since Nairaland forum offers Do-follow backlink, it would be nice to get a backlink from them.

How to find Do-follow backlink

To find Do-follow backlink,

  • Visit Ubersuggest, and enter a blog URL.
  • When the results appear, tap on Backlinks.
  • Next, visit any link where the ‘DF’ shows orange.
  • Finally, post or comment on the site with your link.

Yeah… That’s the safe 2 daily backlink methods you can use to beat your competitors. You can also, visit Social sites, create an account and enter your URL at the profile section. All backlinks should be positive, have quality and related to the content.

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