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She’s 40 Twitter trend meaning

She's 40 Twitter

Do you want to know the meaning of ‘She’s 40’ Twitter trend? Do you also, want to know how the trend started? Everything you need to know about ‘She’s 40’ Twitter trend will be revealed as you continue reading.

New week, new trend on Twitter. But this is all about ‘She’s 40‘ and I have gathered some information concerning the trend, and how it came about.

She’s 40 Twitter trend

The trend ‘She’s 40’ on Twitter is an online clash between Cardi B fans, and Nicki Minaj fans. Actually, Cardi B fans started the trend, while Nicki Minaj fans are on the defensive side.

Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian rapper. According to Wikipedia, she was born on 8th December 1982. By 8th December 2022, she will be 40 years old.

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What is the meaning of ‘She’s 40’ trend on Twitter?

It is a troll aimed at Nicki Minaj. The fans of Cardi B created the trend to age shame Nicki Minaj. Despite Nicki still looking younger as at the time of this trend, the fans of Cardi B don’t mind either.

The tweet is not only meant to troll Nicki Minaj, but also aimed at those who are 40 years or above. Whoever the troll is aimed at, it is absolutely wrong. It’s not good to age-shame someone.

Tweets from fans of Nicki Minaj

@LanceTurner2k17 wrote on his Twitter handle

Seeing “she’s 40” trend and finding out it’s about Cardi B fans age shaming Nicki Minaj is driving me insane. All of these years I thought Cardi B was older than Nicki Minaj based off of looks lol.

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There’s nothing wrong with being 40, I’m 45 and still feel young as ever. Ha

She's 40 Twitter

What just happened? I left and came back. Where did so many of you come from? Why am I being called a “Local” and why are so many people saying “I deserve head”? What is this, lol? I guess this is a Thank You?


‘Cardi B’s fan base really tried to age shame Nicki by trending SHE’S 40 and what? Continue, she’s 40 and rich, SHE’S 40 and famous, she’s 40 and talented, she’s 40 and still the highest selling female rapper which took her 1 and half year to achieve’.

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‘She’s 40 is trending, and I’m 48 you young kids these days aren’t going to realize being my age or up is a blessing Nicki is a beautiful young woman, and it’s a blessing to be her age’.

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