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Which place is better between FUNAI hostel & lodges in FUNAI?

Which place is better between FUNAI hostel & lodges in FUNAI

A lot of AE FUNAI students have made wrong decision, on the selection of where they wish to stay. This is because there’s fewer or no information concerning details about hostel and lodges in FUNAI. Here, I’m writing on which place is better between FUNAI hostel & lodges in FUNAI.

Concerning which place is better between FUNAI hostel & lodges in FUNAI, what is good for someone may not be good or suitable for another. With the details I’m going to reveal, it’s up to you to identify the one that is better for you.

Which place is better between FUNAI hostel & lodges in FUNAI?

There’s no actual side that is better between FUNAI hostel and lodges in FUNAI. Each has it’s own disadvantages and advantages. The disadvantages are not much, and it varies according to the room or place you stay, either in hostel or lodge.

So, I’m writing on the advantages of each. With these you can select/decide on the one you prefer.

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Advantages of staying in a lodge around FUNAI


Each room may have it’s own bathroom, which only you can make use of. You decide if you want to allow visitors or not. Also, students who wish to visit you might need to inform you first.

Allows visitors.

You’re always free to invite as many visitors as you want. There’s no limit to that, as you’re fully in control to allowing visitors.

Less number of roommate.

You can decide to stay alone or invite one, two or more students to live with you in the lodge. No one decides for you on how many you should stay in the lodge. It’s all your choice.

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Customized room

You’re always free to arrange, design, or in general customize your room to your taste. There’s no limit to how you want your room to look like. It all depends on your decision.

Note: The above information depends on the lodge you live. Some family lodges restrict some certain activities.

You should make inquires before renting a room from the lodge. Some things like security, light & water, location, and cost of the lodge all depends on the particular lodge.

Advantages of staying in hostel

24 hours electricity and water supply

There’s always steady power supply in the hostel. Students living in FUNAI hostel do not lack electricity. The school, in general, is powered by a solar plant. Also, water is always available.

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Located inside the school.

Its location is inside the school. This makes it easier for students to attend lectures easily, and to avoid missing some important activities in the school.

Quick access to the school clinic.

All students in the school has access to the university clinic. But staying in hostel makes it easier to locate without much stress.

Costs cheaper amount.

AE FUNAI hostel costs N50,000 with a refundable fee of N20,000 at the end of the academic session. The school will pay you around N15,000 to N20,000 at the end of the second semester.


Since the hostel locates inside the school, there are security, and a maximum protection of students living Inside the school.

At this juncture, you should already might have made a decision of where you prefer. It could be the hostel or lodge.

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