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Why Does NEPA Take Light When it Rains in Nigeria

Why Does NEPA Take Light When it Rains

In Nigeria, it is normal for electricity distribution companies to interrupt the power supply when it starts to rain. This is why we want to look at the question ‘Why does NEPA Take light when it rains’. Despite having PHCN, EEDC, and other electrical distribution companies, most Nigerians choose the acronym ‘NEPA’.

One of the most annoying things in Nigeria is that once it starts to rain, you’re a hundred percent sure that NEPA would take light. So, let’s find out about ‘Why does NEPA take light when it rains’.

Why Does NEPA Take Light When it Rains

One of the major reasons why NEPA take light when it rains is because of the damages inflicted in the power distribution companies. Some connections are not properly done in some locations or local areas.

This leads to the damage to transformers, electricity sparks on the pole, and other damages in the distribution companies. Why is this so? Most times before it rains, there would be high velocity of wind.

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With these, some wires that are not properly connected to be strong in some local places would touch each other, which will lead to electric spark. This can result to minor or major damage in many locations.

The 5 major reasons why NEPA take light in Nigeria are:

  1. Lack of proper electricity connection in the country.
  2. To avoid the occurrence of hazard.
  3. To save life due to electric shock.
  4. Protection of transformers from blowing up.
  5. Maintenance.

Power Infrastructure in Nigeria

Nigeria has all it takes to provide a 24 hours power supply in the country. As of 2022 Nigeria has over 22,000 megawatts of electricity. While as of March 2024, it reduced 3,957.16.

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Electricity generation and distribution

The Nigerian electricity is generated and distributed by companies such as EEDC, PHCH, etc. These companies control when and how the states or country generates electricity.

Weather-related power outages

A popular question says ‘why does nepa take light when it wants to rain’?. The weather-related power outages are caused by rain or high velocity of wind. There’s 80% possibility of not having light when it rains or is about to rain in Nigeria.

Community Experiences and Frustrations with Power Outages

There’s a deep frustration with power outages in Nigeria. Many of the citizens no longer have trust for these electricity distribution companies in Nigeria. The changeover is mostly indicated as “NEPA” and (GEN). Some citizens change theirs to “Idiots” and “GEN”, which is wrong but caused by the lack of trust and frustration.

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Alternative sources of energy during outages

The alternative sources of energy during outages are:

  • Solar energy
  • Generator
  • Power bank
  • Battery

Economic implications of power outages

Once there are frequent power outages in Nigeria, it affects its economy heavily. An example is that people now focus on buying fuel which leads to fuel scarcity or increase in the price of fuel.

This goes on to affect the cost of transportation, and other activities that uses fuel. This is why business men, students and others are complaining about the high cost of transportation.

Solutions and improvements to address power supply issues in Nigeria

One of the best solutions to address power supply is to reduce the amount of power holding tax collection from the citizens. Meter should be encouraged to enable citizens to pay for only what they made use of.

Another great solution is to increase the megawatts or encourage the purchase and use of Solar energy. This will help to save cost and energy for others to use.

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