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How to check GLO phone number in a few seconds

How to check GLO phone number in a few seconds

Are you searching for how to see your GLO phone number, or how to see GLO number with USSD? Well, it is quite easy to check your number as far as you have your device with you. In one of the ways to check that below, you need to get a paper, and pen or any device to copy it out. Here, you will learn how to check GLO phone number in a few seconds.

When you buy a new GLO Sim, you can actually see your number written on the pack of your sim. Also, you can see other details concerning your number there. Maybe, you lost your Sim pack, and now you’re looking for an alternative means to check your GLO phone number. Well, it’s easy to check in a few seconds.

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How to check GLO phone number in a few seconds

There are two ways you can check, or see your GLO phone number. It’s either you check it using a USSD code, or by dialing a number. These two are very effective but the option to dial a number to check, is faster.

How to check your GLO phone number using USSD code

To check your GLO number using USSD code,

  • Dial *777#, and select ‘My Tarrif Plan‘.
  • Next, select ‘My number‘.
  • Finally, your number will be displayed on your screen.
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How to check GLO number by dialing a code

To see or search your GLO phone number through code dialing, dial 1244 and listen to the voice note. Make sure you have where to write it down. Your number can only be called twice when dialled. If you still don’t get the number, dial 1244 again. Checking your number through dialling a code is the fastest means to know your GLO phone number.

The voice that respond when you want to search your GLO phone number usually say:

Your phone number is (then call your number).

On the other hand, if you have lost your GLO Sim and couldn’t remember your number, you can ask your contacts to help you sent your GLO phone number. You can also, decide to go to GLO office nearby to see your phone number.

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