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PGWP Application | Ultimate Guide 2024

PGWP Application

The PGWP application is a process that allows students to gain valuable Canadian work experience. The student must have graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution. This page will guide you regarding the PGWP application.

It is important to know that you may become a permanent resident of Canada through the post-graduation work permit program. Without further ado, let’s proceed to more important information about the PGWP application.

PGWP Application

There are certain criteria you must meet to become eligible for a post-graduation work permit. You must be in Canada for the complete duration of your studies from September 1st, 2024, onwards. Also, you must attend at least 50% of your program in class, including meeting other PGWP requirements.

You should have between $250 and $300 before you can apply for the PGWP. The open work permit holder fee is $155. If you have a spouse, you can bring them to Canada.

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Do this by applying for an extension of your spouse’s common-law partner’s stay in Canada at the same time as you apply for your PGWP.

Alternatively, it can be applied separately, but it should be before their existing status expires. You must make sure that the documentation is done properly and that all fees required are paid in full.

Apply for PGWP

To apply for a postgraduate work permit, you have to wait up to 180 days after you have graduated. During the application, you will be required to submit your diploma or degree.

Also, you must submit your transcript or an official letter from the Canadian school.

These details submitted will prove that:

  1. You attended and completed your program in Canada.
  2. Verification of the name of your program.
  3. The length of your program.

There are two options if your study permit will expire before you get your marks:

  • Leave Canada and apply for PGWP.
  • Apply for a visitor record to stay in Canada longer.

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Advantages of the PGWP Online Application

  • Submission of extra documents online will be easy.
  • The online process will make sure your application is complete before you can submit it.
  • The processing of PGWP application online will be faster.
  • They will receive your application instantly and it will require no courier fees.
  • You will find every new information on your account dashboard.

PGWP Application Fee

The PGWP application fee for 2024 is $255.00 CAD and $85.00 CAD for biometrics, if applicable. There may be an extra fee for courier if it is a paper application.

Can I Apply for PGWP Without Completion Letter

You must apply for PGWP with the completion letter. This will enable your application to be successful without any obstacles. It is an important part of the applications.

PGWP Application Requirements

The specific requirements for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) application can vary by country and change over time. However, common requirements often include:

  1. Completed study program: Finish a designated program of study at a recognized institution.

  2. Valid study permit: Have a valid study permit when applying.

  3. Duration of study: Complete a program that lasted at least 8 months.

  4. Full-time status: Be a full-time student during each academic session of the program.

  5. Transcript: Provide an official transcript or other proof of program completion.

  6. Letter of completion: It requires a letter from your institution confirming program completion.

  7. Application form: Complete the application form for the PGWP.

  8. Passport: Have a valid passport.

  9. Photos: Provide passport-sized photos.

  10. Fee payment: Pay the required application fee.

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Can I Apply for PGWP With Unofficial Transcript

The answer is No. They won’t approve the application without an official transcript from your institution. You must provide a valid transcript from your school.

PGWP Application With Spouse

Apply for an extension of your spouse’s common-law partner’s stay in Canada at the same time as you apply for your PGWP. You can also do that separately, but it should be before their existing status expires.

How Long Does PGWP Application Take

The duration of the PGWP application depends on the volume of applicants. It can take a couple of weeks or a few months before it is processed. You have to keep checking the official immigration website to be updated on the current status of your application.

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