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Poached egg hack | Mother in pain after TikTok hack

Poached egg hack

There is an ongoing TikTok viral challenge, which called ‘Poached egg hack’. It’s an egg hack that makes the white firm and the yoke giggling. A mother has warned others to avoid such TikTok trend that is going viral at the moment.

This is because, she was left in absolute pain when she tried the poached egg hack. The viral challenge got her skin peeling from her face when the egg exploded. This was immediately she dropped a cold spoon on the egg.

Poached egg hack

Shafia Bashir had been trying to make a poached egg via a method she’d used a lot, which is currently going viral online, where you pour boiling water in a mug, add the egg and then put it into the microwave for a couple of minutes.

In theory, this is supposed to leave a person with a poached egg, but when the 37-year-old put a cold spoon to the egg, it exploded.

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The blast shattered the egg ‘like a fountain’ scalding Shafia on the right side of her face, and she had to go to A&E after running her face under the tap for 20 minutes with no end to the burning.

Poached egg hack
A mum who tried a TikTok trend was left in ‘absolute agony’ after an egg exploded in her face. Credit: swns/newsquest

She said it was the ‘most excruciating’ pain she’d ever felt in her life, adding she could still feel pain 12 hours after the explosion.

While she’s since recovered from the incredibly painful experience, she’s warning others not to try the TikTok hack in case they also get injured from it.

Shafia Bashir comment about the viral hack

She said: “I just don’t want anyone else going through that, because it is trending on TikTok”. It was the most excruciating pain in my life”.

“It was a terrifying time for me. I was in absolute agony. As soon as I put the cold spoon in, it exploded like a fountain and it scalded me.

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“I put my face under the tap and then had to get my mate to look after my daughter, so I could go to A&E. My face has healed now, luckily with no scars. I used Vaseline, Sudocrem, whatever I could get my hands on.”

Shafia said she’d been using the egg cooking method ‘for three years’, and it’s recently gone viral as a ‘hack’ on TikTok.

Popping an egg in the microwave puts it at risk of exploding as the shell of the egg holds in heat and even after it’s been taken out, it keeps cooking on the inside.

Any disruption could cause it to blow, just as Shafia’s did when she put a cold spoon to the egg.

Cooking hacks like heating eggs in the microwave have become incredibly popular on social media sites like TikTok, and others in the past have had similar things happen to them.

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Shafia has said she’s never eating another egg again after the incident.

3 hacks from a chef for the perfect poached egg.

  1. Crack your egg into a fine mesh strainer. This will separate the loose whites from the firm whites. When the egg ages, they naturally start to separate. This makes an ugly poached egg.
  2. Only fill your water halfway, add the egg, and do like a gentle swirl. Don’t speed up while turning it.
  3. There’s no particular time to bring out the egg. It all depends on how hot your water is. Keep it at very low bubble. Then, we’re going to see based on how much it giggles. If the whites are firm and the yolk giggles, it’s done.

Conclusively, social media users should be mindful of the type of challenge or viral hack they do. Some of them can be harmful such as poached egg hack.

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