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Alphabet in Igbo Language

Alphabet in Igbo Language

Check out the alphabet in the Igbo language. If you live in the UK, US or other places in the world, this post will be of help to you. This topic is about the ‘Alphabet in Igbo Language’ and the pronunciation of each alphabet.

Since this content is written in English, English words will be used to show you how the alphabets in Igbo language sounds. If you have children who want to learn basic words in the Igbo language, this post is what you need.

Alphabet in Igbo Language

In the official Igbo language (Igbo Nzube), there are 36 alphabets. Each alphabet has its own unique sound. A combination of two or more of them forms a word. Further combinations of the words, make up a sentence or sentences.

Details of Igbo Language

  • Spoken in: All parts of the world.
  • Native name: Ásụ̀sụ̀ Ìgbò [ásʊ̀sʊ̀ ìɡ͡bò]
  • Number of speakers: 40 million +
  • Language family: Atlantic-Congo, Niger-Congo, Volta-Congo, Volta-Niger.
  • Writing system: Latin script
  • First written: 1777
  • Status: Recognised as one of the major language in Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.
  • More details: Wikipedia
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The Igbo language has dialects that are slightly different from the main dialect. Most of the standard written form is based on the Umuahia, Enugu, and Owerri dialects. Some call it Ibo, or Ebo which is the wrong pronunciation of it. It is simply called ‘Igbo’.

Alphabets in Igbo Language

The alphabets in Igbo Language are:

A, B, CH, D, E, F, G, GB
GH, GW, H, I, Ị, J, K, KP
KW, L, M, N, Ñ, NW, NY
O, Ọ, P, R, S, SH, T, U, Ụ
V, W, Y, Z

There are also, more vowels and consonants in other Igbo dialects. Let me proceed to show you how those alphabets sound using some English words. The first one will be the letter (Example: A). Follow by an Igbo Word (E.g. Aka). Then use the first or first and second letters of the next English word or sound (E.g. Ark) to know how that particular alphabet sounds.

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Pronunciation: Alphabet in Igbo Language

A – Aka (Ark), B – Bute (Blue), Ch – Cheru (Church)
D – Daa (Dunk), E – Ego (Egg), F – Fia (Food),
G – Gozie (Good), GB – Igbo, GH – Ghaharia (Neighbor),
GW – Gwam (Gweep), H – Ha (House), I – Iri (Each),
Ị – Ịkpa (Ink), J – Jie (Jane) K – Kene (Keep),
KP – Kpata, KW – Kwuo (Queen), L – Lee (Land),
M – Metu (Meet), N – Nara (Name) Ñ – ÑỤỌ (Sing),
NW – Nwanyi (Wine), NY – Nyem, O – Oke (Oppose),
Ọ – ỌrjỊ (Organ), P – Puta (Praise), R – Rie (Rice),
S – Sie (Sip), SH – Shie (Sheet), T – Taa (Take),
U – Ugo (Book), Ụ – ỤLỌ, V – NVỌ (Vick), W – Were (Wait),
Y – Ya (Yam), Z – Zuru (Zoom).

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I’m glad you’re able to learn about the alphabet in Igbo language. There are also, Igbo calendar market days that are different from the Gregorian calendar. If you have other questions to ask, kindly use the comment section for them.

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