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Student Union Government in Nigeria [SUG]

Student Union Government

The student union government (SUG) in Nigerian universities is a body that is in charge of the students’ welfare. They make sure that the students’ needs are met. One of the major functions of the student union government in Nigeria is to work in the interest of the students.

As you continue reading, you will get the best information about the S.U.G. in Nigeria. The student union government has different positions that make up the body. These positions have their own function: to see that the students’ welfare is protected.

Student Union Government

The student union government is the body that governs the affairs of the students at the university. The S.U.G. president is the head of the union, followed by the vice president.

The SUG is elected by the students. See: AE-FUNAI SUG election. Though, in some cases, the university appoints the leaders either due to violence, suspension, or other important reasons.

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Positions in the student union government

The S.U.G. has different positions, and they are:

  • The President
  • Vice president
  • Director of welfare
  • Director of information
  • General secretary
  • Director of finance
  • Director of socials
  • Assistant general secretary
  • Director of sports
  • Director of transport
  • Treasurer
  • Director of academic planning
  • Internal auditor
  • Senate president
  • Faculty senates

SUG President Campaign Speech

As a student who is contesting for the position of S.U.G. president, campaign speeches are important. This will help to convince those who will vote for you. Also, it will make the students understand what you want to offer and help them decide if they can vote for you or not.

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A good SUG presidential campaign speech is one of the best tools to win the student union election.

Objectives of Student Union

  • 1. To protect the interests of the students.
  • 2. Ensures that basic amenities are provided for the students.
  • 3. Lead the students to achieve their maximum potentials
  • 4. Protect them from extortion and abuse.
  • 5. Helps the students in school activities.

Duties of Vice President in Student Union

The vice president is an assistant to the president. He or she takes over from the president if the president is not around or suspended. The vice president in the student union makes sure that all other positions understand the S.U.G. are working effectively.

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Role of General Secretary in Student Union Government

The role of the general secretary in the student union is to handle the clerical work. The general secretary also takes notes and keeps records of the activities of the S.U.G. This helps the students understand how much better or worse they are performing.

Duties of a Welfare Director in SUG

The director of welfare ensures that the students are well treated by the school management. He or she makes sure that the voice of the students concerning different matters is heard by the university management.

In conclusion, the student union government helps the students when they are in difficulties and protects them. S.U.G. is the acronym for the Student Union Government. If you have any questions to ask, kindly use the comment section to let us know about them.

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