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Current Affairs Magazine 2024

Current Affairs Magazine

Current Affairs Magazine is a webpage that attracts people of ex­cellent taste. The Kickstarter campaign started in 2015, and by 2020, many of the popular articles were written by Robinson. Find out more information about the Current Affairs magazine on this page.

The current affairs magazine is a magazine about politics and culture. With its diverse index and contribution towards the society, it is worth reading and learning from its webpage. Nathan J. Robinson is the founder.

Current Affairs Magazine

On the menu of the webpage, you will discover different categories, such as

  • Magazine
  • Index
  • Podcast
  • Shop
  • Donate
  • Gallery and
  • Subscribe
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The magazine is a special place to discover current affairs and other important information. You will also, discover some activities, such as:

  • Ethos
  • Visualization
  • Praise
  • Life
  • Amusement
  • Denunciation
  • Advertisement
  • Culture and
  • Policy.

It is one of the most essential pages of the website that contains relevant information to help you access the magazine properly.


The index of the Magazine contains over 200 different categories, which can help you find the specific content you’re looking for. It is set alphabetically to make those contents easier to find and study.


These are different booklets that are sold for between $10 and $30. You can purchase them immediately; they are being added to the cart. One of the amazing booklets you can find there is ‘A STUDENT’S GUIDE TO RESISTING PRAGERU PROPAGANDA’.

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It is a glossy, comprehensive 30-page booklet showing how to think critically about PragerU “educational” material.


The site also accepts subscriptions from any user of the webpage. You can either subscribe for yourself or for someone else. Current affairs magazine subscription plans are:

Digital-Only Edition

  • $5 per month (includes podcasts)
  • $45.99 per year
  • $79.99 per year (support)

Print & Digital Edition

  • $69.99 per year
  • $119.99 per year

Current Affairs Magazine Cost of Shipping

  1. Shipping to any location in the United States is $0.
  2. Shipping to Canada is $10.
  3. International shipping is $30.

This magazine has a podcast. It is also, published online and in print. If you’re interested in culture and politics, do well to visit their webpage at

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