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Kusa Kusa Zulu Novel Summary PDF

Kusa Kusa Zulu Novel Summary PDF

Download kusa kusa zulu novel summary PDF. Kusa Kusa is a Zulu-South African novel written by Sibangani Nhleko. Grade 11 students are expected to study this novel, including the kusa kusa questions, answers, and characters.

Kusa Kusa Zulu Novel Summary PDF

Kusa Kusa Zulu was written by S.P. Nhleko. The protagonist, or main character, is Vusi. She is Zenzile’s boyfriend. In the novel, Umahlalela is an unemployed person. Download the PDF below.

Kusa Kusa Zulu Novel Characters

The characters of Kusa Kusa Zulu Novel are:

  • Vusi
  • Zenzile
  • Bonga
  • Nomcebo
  • Sebenzi
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Kusa Kusa Questions and Answers

How is the relationship between Vusi and Zenzile?

Zenzile likes things but Vusi has no money. Also, Zenzile looks down on Vusi.

How are they related?

He made himself Vusi’s girlfriend

What is Vusi’s problem?

Vusi does not work and sweeps but cannot find a job

Why did Vusi come back to work at noon?

Vusi came back to work because he wants to fix his CV.

Who is the author of this book?

The author of Kusa Kusa Zulu Novel is S.P. Nhleko.

Do you think Zenzile loves Vusi?

No, he doesn’t respect her and speaks badly to her because Vusi doesn’t do things for her and doesn’t work.

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Where does Zenzile live with his friends?

A rented house.

Which character do you like between Vusi and Zenzile?

I like Vusi because he is trying hard to find a job.

Who is the main character in this book?

The main character is Vusi.

Why is that person the main character?

Vusi because we meet him at the beginning of the story and he has a problem

Who is Vusi in this story?

Vusi is Zenzile’s boyfriend. Zenzile is a young man looking for a job.

Who is Bonga in this story?

Bonga is Sebenzi’s friend.

Why did Bonga lose his job?

Bonga lost his job because the company is looking for young people to work with.

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What does it mean to be retrenched?

It simply means losing a job, or being dismissed from a job.

Why is Bonga going to be like Vusi?

Bonga is about to become a resident because he doesn’t work anymore.

Why does Vusi edit his CV?

Vusi edited his curriculum vitae because he heard that on the radio, they are looking for people to answer the phone.

How did Nomcebo help Vusi?

Nomcebo helped by informing Vusi about the garage work.

What type of person is umahlalela?
An unemployed person

Where is Sebenzile’s home?
In Dumbe

Why does Zebenzile say that he will not stand for Bonga’s dismissal?

Because he won’t give her money and won’t buy her the things she wants

Do you think the girls in this story are true friends?

No, because they have a bad influence as friends. They like material things.

Where do these girls work?

They work at New Khasela

Details of Kusa Kusa Zulu Novel Summary PDF

  • Publisher: Shuter & Shooter, Pietermaritzburg, 2009.
  • Physical Description: vi, 74 pages.
  • ISBN: 9780796038289, 0796038287.
  • OCLC Number / Unique Identifier: 744871877.
  • Subjects: Fiction, LitteĢrature zouloue, Roman, Zulu literature.

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In conclusion, I hope you got the information you need on Kusa Kusa Zulu Novel Summary PDF. You can read Sudden disappearance by Okpala Michael summary. Knowledge is power.

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