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How to never misplace or damage any receipt in AE-FUNAI

How to never misplace or damage any receipt in AE-FUNAI

Here you will learn how to never misplace or damage any receipt in AE-FUNAI. A lot of students have been…

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How to register for Student ID card in AE-FUNAI

Don’t know how to register for AE-FUNAI student ID card? Don’t panic, the solution is here. Every student in Alex…


AE-FUNAI FMSS Dean’s Unity Cup Final – Summary

The FMSS Dean’s Unity Cup has finally come to an end. It was one of the best and most intriguing…

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How students should avoid scammers in AE-FUNAI

A lot of students have reportedly been scammed in the school due to lack of experience. After going through this…

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All AE-FUNAI updates – December 2019

Here I am going to drop all 2019 December updates you need to know about in AE-FUNAI. Of course it’s…

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“We need another bank” AE-FUNAI students complains.

Students of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo complained about the only bank in the school. The bank (Zenith) which…

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How to register CBT courses in AE-FUNAI

Registration for AE-FUNAI CBT courses (data capturing) is very simple. Here, I will explain to you the simple ways to…


AE-FUNAI installs WIFI at male hostel.

Due to massive demand of WIFI by male students living in the school hostel, the school WIFI has now been…