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Becky Citizen Tv Episode 1 31st July 2023 Written Updates

Becky Citizen Tv Episode 1 31st July 2023

Today’s content is about Becky Citizen Tv Episode 1, 31st July 2023 Written Updates. You can watch the movie on Citizen Tv or follow up here for the written updates. Enjoy the Becky written episode.

Becky Citizen Tv Episode 1 31st July 2023 Written Updates

This is the first episode on Becky. It is an episode that has been prepared by the members of Jiffy Pictures. My job is to give you early updates so that we know what will happen in the next episode. So who is this Becky? Becky is a certain girl of my type, meaning she resembles the girl I want. Becky looks in the ghetto, and she is a girl who sends herself in case she gets any job.

Today there was a lady who was looking for a job for Becky; it was housework. Becky begins to report very early. But there is a problem. What is the problem? The problem is Becky’s phone. Becky’s phone can take 5 hours to charge, and when it is full, it takes 10 seconds to get hot.

And know that this phone is the one she should use as a means of communication when communicating with her new boss. Will this phone really allow Becky to get a job? Because he should report today. And her boss is one madame; she is the one who gets jammed fast. Will Becky really get Janta? Walk with me; I will beat you now.

Becky MONDAY 31st July full episode

Becky is here now taking a shower so that she can get to work early. The worst thing is that he has overslept; that’s what we can see in his hurry to shower. She is a girl from the ghetto. After being ready, Becky leaves. On the way, she decides to call the new boss, asking her where she should alight. But the phone went off before he was told. Becky told her to run; there was a rock there, catching her, and she fell and was injured.

Let us come and get another lady again, Becky’s friend. This is Tracey. So she was sleeping. The little one hears the door knocking. She’s going to open it; he gets it. Becky has come to borrow a charger. Tracey tells him she doesn’t know where her charger is.

When Tracey sees Becky injured, she decides to ask her, “What is the problem?” Becky told him she was going to hike, but Tracey asked Becky, “Now what are you bouncing around doing?” Tracey will see that Becky has a game too. He will ask him what time it is; he is bothering to go to work, yet it is the first day.

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Becky was told not to be late. Becky comes and decides to leave. He wants a charger for this one, and he is taking him to another. But Tracey will tell him to calm down and bring him a charger. Let’s get here. Becky had to come to work. Madam is supposed to be her boss; she is very busy. She has two children, Junior and Sally.

Becky Monday 31st July written update

So let’s call her Mama Junior. Junior’s mom speaks on the phone and tells the person who recommended Becky that they did not agree. Becky still hasn’t made it. And this madam had told Junior’s mother that Becky is a person who keeps time. So it is like this: if Becky does not get here in the next hour, she should not even come.

Then junior mom will hang up on the phone. The daughter is on the side. Sally is her name. Sally will tell her mom to calm down. Today should be a good day for them, so mom, stop being angry. But Sally’s mother says no; she really hates people who don’t keep time. Today is supposed to be a busy day. Sally will tell mom to calm down; they have given Becky one hour, and she will be here. Then Sally will calm her mom down by giving her coffee.

Later, Sally’s friends will arrive. They have also come to work here. There are Lily, Shilah and Frank. These three are decor designers. Mama Sally will welcome them and tell them to make their work beautiful. Let them not just be praised; they do not know how to work. So Lily’s will be told to start their work. Sally will tell her mother not to burn; these are her friends. Mother Sally, just know that everything will be okay.

Tracey decided to give Becky first aid. Then Tracey laughs at Becky because it is day one, and she is already late for work, until she tells her that maybe the job has been given. Becky, would you see that Tracey has a few? So Becky will decide to leave even if the phone has not come.

Becky 31st July written update

Tracey will tell him it was just a joke, but there goes Becky; she left. Tracey will tell him to have a good win, and if Becky gets bullied, call her Tracey. So Tracy is Becky’s defender. Okay, on the way, Becky opens the phone and decides to call Junior’s mother. Junior’s mother will ask Becky where she is. Becky will apologize and ask, “Where should she alight?” Before he is given an answer again, the phone will switch off.

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Wow! Junior’s mother is now continuing to jam. Sally will tell her mother not to embarrass her in front of her friends. Junior’s mother claims that Becky is getting into her soul. Sally will tell her, but they gave her one hour; not even 15 minutes are over. Sally’s mom will claim this is the second time Becky has called her, then go customer. She will tell her mother to calm down and give her time.

Part 2: Becky 31st July Episode 1

Tracey is on the phone. Soon he will hear that someone has entered the house. And Tracey is a girl who cuts water; I mean, she is drunk. So Tracey will decide to come into the house. Becky is going to get it. Becky has brought the phone to charge again.

She decided to borrow Tracey’s phone, but in a little while, the madam who gave Becky to Junior will call Tracey. Madam says if this Becky did not want a job, what would she have said? Up until now, he has not reported to work, and now he is the one being insulted for no reason. The sleeper is in a good mood. After the call, Becky will take Tracey’s phone and leave very quickly. What will Tracy come online with?

Oh, Junior’s mother is now talking to Junior on the phone. So a birthday party is being prepared here. And it is Junior’s birthday. Sally is even defeated at her graduation party; things were not like this. But mathematicians will say that Junior was a joker. Junior said he wanted a party, and Mathee did not know it was serious.

For the whole month, Junior has been insisting that he will throw a party here. So her mother just accepted because she didn’t want to let her down. Sally will tell her mom it’s ok; they are together. Becky also took the Nuthi guy. They circled the estate for almost 30 minutes. So he is not supposed to come to work, even here.

Becky 31st July Episode one

They are on the wrong street. Now the Nduthi guy will say that either he should be paid money or added so that the journey can continue. Because Becky does not have any money, she will have to give what she has, and then maybe she will go on foot. And he is new here. Oh my goodness.

Sally and her friends are a lot. Right now he is talking to others on the phone, asking them where they are. There’s some stuff they should come up with. Soon his mom will call him out. Junior’s mother is stuck, and you don’t want Becky again. Shortly after, Madam recommended to Becky that she call and say Becky is almost there; they should give her ten minutes. But Junior’s mother will say you don’t want it. He doesn’t even come here.

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Junior’s mother says she would have better gone to the agency like she was advised. But out of respect for this madam, she decided to give Becky a chance. Becky herself hasn’t arrived yet.

Becky is also in the process of hastening; finally, she will get to Junior’s, outside the gate now. Soon, the one who recommends her will call her and tell her that she should not go upstairs; you don’t want Junior’s mother anymore. Becky will tell her, “Please talk to her; I have no other job.” But in a little while, Junior’s mother came out. Becky had rung the bell. Junior’s mother asked Becky, “Are you the one eating my brain?” But Becky will apologize and say the phone had a problem and this won’t happen again.

Becky 31st July

Junior’s mother will tell him it won’t happen again because he will never work here. That is when Becky will decide to kneel just to ask for forgiveness. But Junior’s mom doesn’t want to know. Sally is in there. Sally will tell her mom to stop being so harsh because she believes Becky is telling the truth.

Junior’s mother will say she doesn’t care; she will tell Becky to get out before her eyes. Sally will walk her mother aside and tell her to calm down and go get coffee. Sally has promised to handle this. After Junior’s mother leaves, Sally will go and ask Becky her name. Then he’ll tell him to know he made maths mad, and because she has gotten a second chance, it’s Becky’s time to prove Mama Junior wrong. So now Becky has to do a good job of entertaining.

Sally will tell Becky to follow her. They will enter the house, and Sally will start showing Becky where she should start. Later out there now, work in progress. Junior’s mom is having a good time. Sally is helping others out there. Becky’s part was in the house, so she is dealing with what she is doing.

Work continues outside, too. Okay, now let’s come and get Junior himself; he has his girlfriend in the car, but the car itself has refused to start. And they should get home because the celebration is for this junior. Junior will ask his girlfriend if he would mind walking from here. This junior’s girlfriend is called Trisha.

That’s the end of the first episode. Check back tomorrow for the next episode. I hope you enjoyed the Becky Citizen Tv Episode 1 31st July 2023 Written Updates. Stay safe.

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